Dr. med. Antje Welge-Lüssen appointed Lecturer in Basel, becomes ORL-BAL board member

The University of Basel and the Medical Faculty has appointed Doctor Welge-Lüssen Lecturer (Privatdozentin) in otorhinolaryngology. Born in Kiel, after studies of medicine in Germany and specializing in Basel, she has become Senior Otorhinolaryngologist in Basel and Aarau for a number of years and followed significant research programmes in olfactology. She has also instituted intense cooperation with a number of foreign departments interested in the same topic, Erlangen being one of the most significant scientific partners of Basel in the subject of objective olfactometry (OEP). Traditionally, the candidates hold a ceremonial initiation lecture for the general public at the Aula of the Museum of Natural History on the Augustinergasse, a place of dignified decorum, where portraits of researchers since the 15th century sternly observe all doings. On the 19th of May, the public was treated to a comprehensive history of research on olfaction and on modern diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in olfactology, and the lecture was indeed a great success.ORL-BAL congratulates warmly and welcomes another new Faculty member joining the Board. Antje is seen here with her mentor Prof. R. Probst, president of ORL-BAL (left) and the Dean, Prof. A. Perrouchoud.