Summer School of Otorhinolaryngology in Sremski Karlovci, September 20. – 22. 2018

Our Summer Schools now have been held for the sixth time (Sorry for the mistake on the poster which says 5!), very popular among trainees and young specialists alike. In accordance with pour educational concept, basics of our specialty are discussed by teachers from Serbia and abroad for the benefit of trainees. This year, diseases of the Larynx, and Head and Neck Surgery were the main subject. Forty participants were present, coming not only from Serbia, but also from Bosnia, Macedonia and Croatia. The faculty were Professors Milan Stanković , Milan Jovanović, Anton Mikić, Rajko Jović, Pathologist Nada Vučković and Lecturers Danijela Dragićević, Jugoslav Gasić as well as Endocrinologist Ivana Bajkin, Radiooncologist Igor Djan and  Medical Oncologist Branislava Nikolin. Foreign guests were Professor F. Marchal from Geneva via a video-connection, and Mihael Podvinec. One of the main highlights was the interdisciplinary approach to all subjects. Discussions were intense and persisted throughout the breaks and meals. Professor Jović was a very gracious host, and the organisation was flawless. Our next topic will be Rhinology and Rhinosurgery, to be held in September 2019.