Interdisciplinary teams at work

PD Dr. David Holzmann, of the University ORL  Department in Zürich, was invited by the Departments of ORL and  Neurosurgery in Aarau to operate on a rare case of congenital malformation of the sphenoid – a bilateral open Sternberg canal with myelomeningoceles bilaterally, combined with a unilateral CSF leak.

Dr. Holzmann has allready operated endoscopically several such cases in  Zürich. The surgery was successful and our picture shows Dr Holzmann  (right) and the neurosurgeon Prof. Landolt (seen from behind) during the operation. Interdisciplinary cooperation is a great priority of our Departments, and we envisage the introduction of endoscopic hypopituitary surgery in the near future to replace the classical trans-septal technique.