Mr. Jeremy Lavy, FRCS, is Temporal Bone Course Director in Novi Sad

For our 2. Course in Temporal Bone Anatomy, to be held at the University ORL Department in Novi Sad, Serbia (Head Doc. dr Dragan Dankuc), on November 23. and 24.this year, we could win Mr. Jeremy Lavy, FRCS, from London.

He is otosurgeon at the Royal National Ear, Nose and Throat Hospital and the University of London and is Head of the CI Programme there. We thank him sincerely for dedicating his free time, energy and knowledge, without any remuneration, for the benefit of the young generation of otosurgeons in Serbia.

He is known to the colleagues there from his very interesting presentation on problems in CI at the videoconference, sponsored by the British Council in Beograd two years ago (see previous pictures, also on the Serbian Galerija)