Professor Markus Wolfensberger appointed new Director of the ORL University Department of Basel. He is also new President of the ORL-BAL !

Since 1994, Prof. Wolfensberger has headed the Head and Neck Surgery segment of the Basel ORL Department, so he is widely known and respected in the hospital and in the region. He is founder and Head of the Head and Neck Tumor Center in Basel, where interprofessional treatment of tumor patients together with maxillofacial and dental surgery, oncology and oncologic radiology is performed. Besides hospital activities, he has been President of the Swiss ORL-HNS Society and is now heading the CME Comission of the same Society. He was the moving spirit of the Head and Neck Surgery Working Group of Switzerland, which organises regular courses for trainees and practicing specialists. An accomplished musician, he is an active and widely known violinist. At the first session after Prof. Rudolf Probst has been appointed in Zürich, Markus Wolfensberger has been voted new President of ORL-BAL.

Prof. Wolfensberger – CV