Professor Miklos Bauer honored by the University in Košice, Slovakia, with the title of Doctor honoris causa

Professor Miklos Bauer, 82, emeritus Director of the University ORL Department in Pécs, Hungary, author of several significant books and publications on otology and teacher of a whole generation of reputed otologists in Eastern Europe, pioneer of otolgic and skull base surgery, has been awarded a honorary doctorate of the P. Šafarik University in Košice.

The ceremony took place on the eve of the 1. East European Congress on Otology and Neurotology in Košice, Slovakia, in February. With his reputed rhetoric abilities and elegant charm, the charismatic Professor Bauer demostrated that he is still fully competitive in discussions on otologic problems, be they of theoretical or of surgical nature. He is seen here with Professor Juraj Koval’, Director of the Košice ORL Department, who has succeeded, by magnificently organising the meeting, to establish Košice as a significant centre for otology and neurotology in Eastern Europe. He and his team presented impressive results in several areas of otologic and skull base surgery.